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RubberWorm (only for Update 3.6.31 ! )
[ Download from this server (83.5 Kb) · Download from mirror () ] 06.11.2010, 00:10


Bouncing worms

The original purpose of RubberWorm. Every time a worm hits an object or the terrain (in any direction), it bounces off of it. If it's during a rope roll, it can continue roping, and it never takes fall damage or loses the turn. The feature is always off if the worm is flying for a jump.

The worms' "boing" sound can switched on/off typing in the in-game chat /boing.

Worm bounciness (or technically, the coefficient of restitution) is determined by the quotient of the value for the Armageddon crate probability divided by 255. For example, if the value is set to 0, the coefficient of restitution is 0, resulting in no bounce. If 255, the coefficient is 1, resulting in a perfectly elastic collision (the worm bounces with the same speed with which it hit the object or terrain).

Gravity modifications

Gravity can be made stronger or weaker, eliminated or even reversed. When reversed, a worm can stand on its head and shoot, but walking is obviously buggy. Also, should an object encounter no obstacle and fall into the sky, it will be sent to water when it reaches a certain height, otherwise it would block the game indefinitely.

Activated by the crate probability of the Mail Strike, if the high bit (eighth bit) is clear. The other bits control the strength of gravity, from -64 to +63 in two's complement format (the seventh bit is the sign bit); a value of 0 or 12 results in default gravity.

Central gravity (black hole mode)

Gravity points towards the center of the map, or away from it (anti-gravity). These modes can either be proportional, where gravity is stronger near the center of the map, or constant, where gravity is the same strength for all locations.

In black hole mode, the object may either start a steady orbit or fall in the middle of the map and never stop flying: to avoid the first case objects that don't explode after some seconds (like worms, mines, crates and barrels) have a very small air viscosity value (see below); for the second case, objects nearer than 15 pixel to the center are sent to water.

Anti-gravity has a similar safeguard to reversed gravity (see above).

The strength of the gravity can be adjusted.

Activated by the crate probability of the Mail Strike. The high bit (eighth bit) enables black hole mode; the seventh bit enables proportional mode; the other bits control the strength of the black hole's gravity, from -32 to +31 in two's complement format (the sixth bit is the sign bit).

Air viscosity

Objects flying through the air lose speed up to a steady velocity, determined by gravity and wind (imagine throwing a rock in the water). Some objects, such as crates, graves, barrels, parachuting worms, and Mail Strike letters, will not experience this effect. It is adjustable: a value of 63 makes the air pasty as water.

Activated by the crate probability of the Concrete Donkey. A higher value produces a stronger effect. If the value is odd, the effect will apply to worms as well as objects.

Wind influence

Like air viscosity, it can be applied to only objects or worms too, but never to those objects (like bazooka) that are already influenced by wind or crates, graves, barrels. How much the wind moves the objects is adjustable.

Activated by the crate probability of the Suicide Bomber. A higher value produces a stronger effect, with the highest value (255) corresponding to the wind susceptibility of the Bazooka. If the value is odd, the effect will apply to worms as well as objects.

Anti worm sink

If activated, a worm that hits the water is prevented from drowning and instead teleported to the last location where it has been motionless. The turn does not end. If the teleport results in the worm falling and hitting water again (for example, if the terrain has since been destroyed by a weapon), it drowns normally.

This feature is activated by a non-zero value for the crate probability of the French Sheep Strike.

Crate finder

Arrows point to crates, as they do in certain missions. This feature can give a player an advantage if other players do not have RubberWorm, so a chat message is used to alert other players to its use.

Type /arrows in the in-game chat to activate this.

Friction modifications

Currently, the velocity of a worm is slowed by 4% each frame that a worm slides along the terrain. This is given by multiplying velocity by F*0.01, where the default F value is 96. A lower value results in a higher degree of friction, with F=0 reducing velocity to zero immediately (infinite friction). Values between 96 and 100 give slippier terrains, while a value of 100 results in no friction. Values above 100 will result in the worm's velocity actually increasing as it slides.

The friction value is stored in the crate probability of the Salvation Army.

Shot doesn't end turn, Loss of control doesn't end turn, Fire doesn't pause timer, Improved rope, Continuous crate shower

To edit these options, start with a value of zero and add the corresponding number for each option you want to enable (listed below). Then set the crate probability of the Mole Squadron to the resulting sum.

Shot doesn't end turn

Firing a weapon doesn't end the player's turn. There's no retreat time and you can't control any weapon (such as Sheep or Supersheep) when turn time runs out.

Controlled by the first bit of the crate probability of Mole Squadron (add 1 to enable).

Loss of control doesn't end turn

When activated, control of the active worm will not be lost in any circumstances (fall from a great height, weapon explosion, etc) except death.

Controlled by the second bit of the crate probability of Mole Squadron (add 2 to enable).

Fire doesn't pause timer

The timer doesn't pause while firing any weapon. Useful with Shot doesn't turn, because one could extend his turn time for a very long time using drill or blow torch, for example.

Controlled by the third bit of the crate probability of Mole Squadron (add 4 to enable).

Improved rope

Changes the rope physics to simulate Worms 2 (higher accelleration, 162 degrees of shooting)

Controlled by the fourth bit of the crate probability of Mole Squadron (add 8 to enable).

Continuous crate shower

Normally, the game checks between turns the crate probability settings, and determines if and which crate must be spawned. With this feature, you can force the game to do this job every 5 seconds, also during turns. If you want a crate shower like Worms World Party, use SchemeEddy to check that the probability of no crate falling per turn is 0%. Keep in mind that the WWP crate shower spawns a completely random crate, that is it doesn't check the probability of each single weapon (that's why you can grab even Surrender).

Controlled by the fifth bit of the crate probability of Mole Squadron (add 16 to enable).
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